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8 - 11 September 2011: Opening conference Deer and People: Past, Present and Future


30 March 2012:  North of England Young Evolutionary Ecologists Symposium, Liverpool University - Karis Baker presented some of Dama International's results in her talk entitled 'Direct comparisons of ancient and modern deer DNA'


8 April 2012: Time Team, Kings Clipstone episode - Dama International's research on medieval hunting was used in the creation of this episode. Watch online on Channel 4 OD


13 -14 April 2012: Medieval Graduate Conference 'Meat', Lincoln College, University of Oxford - Naomi Sykes gave the Society lecture on the 13th.


20 April 2012: Fair Game Initiative - 'unmaking' a deer with school pupils


29 - 30 May 2012: Sustainability and heritage: how can the past contribute to a sustainable future? Orkney College, University of the Highlands and Islands Kirkwall, Scotland - James Westoby and Naomi Sykes presented a paper entitled 'Deer management in England - Past, Present and (a sustainable) Future'.


12 Jun 2012: Defence Deer Management Symposium - Naomi Sykes presented on archaeological deer management.


21 June 2012: Integrating Zooarchaeology and Stable Isotope Analyses. McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Univeristy fo Cambridge. Richard Madgwick presented a paper entitled 'Investigating the Biogeography and Management of European Fallow Deer' Listen to a recording here


20 - 22 July 2012: Richard Madgwick took part in a community engagament event on deer and shamanism at the Secret Garden Party Festival in Huntingdon.!/home/


16 October 2012: Fair Game at NUSA


16 October 2012: Lincolnshire Deer Group AGM - Naomi to give talk 'Deer Management: Past, Present and Future'


20 October 2012:  Fair Game at the Old White Hart pub in Lyddington, Rutland LE15 9LR


29 October 2012: the venison episode of The Great British Food Revival aired


9 Novemner 2012: Dama International Steering Committee.


21 November 2012: talk to 'Deer Management: Past, Present and Future' to Suffolk branch of the Deer Initiative.


5 January 2013: conference paper 'The cultural history of the Anatolian Fallow Deer (20k years BP - present) presented at The British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology conference, Cambridge.


15 January 2013: paper 'Fallow deer (Dama dama dama) and European society: investigating animal diaspora and culture change' presented at WAC


21 February 2013: talk 'Investigating the Biogeography and Management of European Fallow Deer' at Cardiff University (5.10pm, room 4.45, Humanities Building)


8-9 March 2013: Fair Game at Charlecote Park


12 March 2013: Karis Baker will give talk to Yorkshire Mammal Group (YMG) at the Black Swan Inn in York at 7.30 pm


23 March 2013: paper 'Deer Management: Past, Present and Future' to St Hubert Club


11 - 14 April 2013: paper by Richard Madgwick 'Integrated approaches to the study of European Fallow deer (Dama dama dama):  Trade, treatment and translocation' and poster by David Osborne 'Antlers and isotopes: assessing short-term dietary change from 13C and 15N stable isotope analysis of fallow deer antlers' at the UK Archaeological Science conference 


7 May 2013: Karis Baker will give talk to The British Deer SocietyNorth East England Branch at the Highlander Inn, Ponteland 8pm


10 - 11 July 2013Knowledge Exchange and Arts and Humanities Research Conference, University of Southampton


20 September 2013: Steering Committee meeting - morning presentations open to all.


20 - 22 September 2013: Paper by Naomi Sykes 'Reconstructing Norman Diaspora: tracking people and ideas through the diffusion of fallow deer (Dama dama dama)'. Society of Medieval Archaeology Conference, University of Nottingham.


28 March 2014: 'Imperialism, Identity and Ideology: The Fallow Deer of the Roman Empire', Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, University of Reading


27 June 2014: 'Fallow Deer in Antiquity: Ideology, Identity and Imperialism', Celtic Conference in Classics, University of Edinburgh


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